Toronto Best Place to Build Startups Due to Government Funding and Access to Talent

Toronto is the best place in Canada to build a startup, and the 8th-best place in the world, according to Genome’s Startup Ecosystem Report.

The Canadian and provincial (Ontario) governments provide startups with substantial R&D funding from IRAP and SR&ED.  In addition, FedDev Ontario and the Ontario Centers of Excellence also provide a wide range of stimulus programs for startups.

On an international scale, Canada has topped world rankings in the latest OECD study for the highest proportion of college-educated adult residents, and Toronto has a disproportionate number of these individuals working in the science, technology, education, mathematics and financial sectors.  University-based incubators and accelerators such as UTEST (University of Toronto), Communitech Hyperdrive (University of Waterloo), and Ryerson DMZ (Ryerson University) are great breeding grounds for tech entrepreneurs looking for mentorship, community and resources to bring their ideas to market.

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