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CRA Taking Steps to Improve SR&ED Administration and Predictability

In response to Economic Action Plan 2012, the CRA has announced the following steps to improve the predictability of the outcome of SR&ED claims: Conduct a pilot project on a formal pre-approval process (FPAP) in spring of 2013; Enhance the … Continue reading

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Liberals Believe Conservative Cuts to SR&ED Jeopardize Canadian Competitiveness

Ted Hsu, Liberal Critic responsible for Science and Technology, challenges the rationale behind recent changes to the SR&ED program.  Hsu opines that the elimination of capital expenditure eligibility, combined with the reduction of the overall SR&ED tax credit from 20% … Continue reading

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CRA Introduces SR&ED Eligibility Self-Assessment Tool

The CRA has introduced a SR&ED eligibility self-assessment tool (ESAT), which allows companies to determine the probability of their research and development work meeting the SR&ED requirements. Although the CRA wishes to keep the ESAT questions as broad as possible, upcoming … Continue reading

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CRA Presents SR&ED Software Project Example

During the SR&ED External Stakeholder’s event on November 1, 2012 in Mississauga, the CRA presented an example to stakeholders entitled “New web techniques for animation & quasi-real time interactivity in browsers.”  The CRA ended the session by clarifying that the … Continue reading

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Spending on Industrial Research and Development Increased in 2012

Statistics Canada has released a report detailing the recovery of industrial research and development spending in 2012.  Businesses in Canada spent $15.5 billion on industrial R&D in 2012, advancing slightly (0.9%) from 2011. However, industrial R&D spending remains below its most recent peak … Continue reading

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