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CRA’s New SR&ED Filing Requirements for Partnerships

A regulation currently exists in the Income Tax Regulations that requires all Canadian partnerships to file an annual information return.  However, in the past, an exemption has been made for partnerships with fewer than 6 partners.  The CRA has recently … Continue reading

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Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium Members in Eastern Canada Benefit from SR&ED Seminars

Earlier this month, Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) members from Atlantic Canada (South Shore, Halifax, Truro and Amherst/Springhill) all benefited from the opportunity to network and learn about the latest on the SR&ED program. Through a series of SR&ED seminars, EMC’s … Continue reading

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OECD Canadian Economic Surveys

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has released the results of their Canadian Economic Surveys.  The results revealed that strong profits in the mining and oil sectors have supported business investment , while the latest indicators suggest that … Continue reading

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Bioartificial Gel Technologies (BAGTECH) Inc. v. The Queen

In the recent case “Price Waterhouse Coopers Inc., agissant ès qualité de syndic à la faillite de Bioartificial Gel Technologies (BAGTECH) Inc. v. The Queen,” the Tax Court of Canada ruled in favour of Bagtech that it qualified as a … Continue reading

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Government Incentive Programs: SR&ED and Flow-Through Shares

Economists believe that the government should not distort the private sector’s efficiency in allocating scarce resources.  However, in reality, government often acts in an indirect manner by creating policy in order to encourage entrepreneurs to invest in certain sectors.  SR&ED and … Continue reading

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